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Are you suffering from the effects of periodontal disease? Even though it is a common oral ailment, there are many distinct stages of periodontal disease, with each one increasingly worse than its predecessors. If you do notice any symptoms of periodontal disease, also commonly called gum disease, it is important to take action immediately. Failure to do so can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

For more information about gum disease, consider the following:

– Are your teeth loose or continually changing their alignments?

– Do you employ any bad habits that can enhance your risk for gum disease, including smoking and chewing tobacco?

– Do your gums bleed regularly, often for no reason at all?

– Are your gums discolored and sensitive, or do they look extra red and swollen?

– Is brushing and flossing painful, with blood spots often being discovered on your brush and floss?

– Do your gums appear to be pulling back away from your teeth exposing more surface space on your teeth?

– Do you take any medications that can enhance your risk for gum disease?

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