The Truth About Scaling And Root Planing: Enhanced Dental Wellness

When it comes to oral health, maintaining healthy gums is just as important as keeping your teeth in tip-top shape. One highly effective solution for treating poor gum health is scaling and root planing (SRP). This deep-cleaning procedure tackles the root causes of gum disease, providing benefits that extend even... Read more »

New Innovations in Periodontics: Advances for Enhanced Patient Care

Periodontics, the dental specialty focusing on the structures supporting the teeth, including gums and bone, has seen significant advancements in recent years. These innovations are enhancing patient outcomes, making treatments more effective and less invasive. Today we are diving into some of the most promising clinical advances in periodontics and... Read more »

Oral Cancer Awareness Month: The Critical Link Between Periodontal Health and Early Cancer Detection

April marks Oral Cancer Awareness Month, a pivotal time dedicated by healthcare professionals to heighten public awareness about oral cancer, its early detection and prevention. This initiative is significantly backed by dental associations, including the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), emphasizing the crucial role of dental professionals in diagnosing and... Read more »

Surprisingly Easy Ways To Protect Periodontal Health As You Age

As time marches on and we age along the way, our bodies undergo various stages, and that includes our periodontal (gum) health. The impact of aging on our gums can be significant as it affects not just our oral health but our overall well-being and self-confidence. Understanding how to maintain... Read more »

From Gums to Heart: Unraveling Oral and Cardiovascular Health

February is not only the month of love but also an opportune time to pay attention to matters of the heart, quite literally. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, it’s a good time to delve into the intricate connection between oral health, specifically periodontal health, and cardiovascular... Read more »

A New Year’s Commitment: Nurturing Gum Health in 2024

As the calendar turns, it’s an ideal time to contemplate your well-being and establish resolutions for the year ahead. While health enthusiasts often focus on fitness and nutrition, the foundation of overall health—especially the gums—should not be overlooked. There is no better time to make a conscious effort to prioritize... Read more »

What Is the Role Periodontists Play for Dental Implants?

Dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry, offering a long-lasting solution for missing teeth and providing you with a natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing and functional smile. While general dentists can play a role in the dental implant process, periodontists are dental specialists uniquely equipped to handle the intricacies of periodontal... Read more »

Restoring Your Smile: How a Bone Graft Can Rejuvenate Your Jaw

A beautiful smile is often considered one of the most valuable aspects of a person’s appearance. However, many people may not realize that maintaining a healthy smile involves more than just having bright, white teeth. The foundation of an ideal smile lies in the strength and health of your jawbone.... Read more »

How Scaling and Root Planing Offers Early Gum Disease Intervention Benefits

When it comes to your oral health, it is tempting to focus on your pearly whites while overlooking the crucial role your gums play. However, gum health is integral to your overall health and well-being, and gum disease is a prevalent issue that often goes unnoticed until it reaches the... Read more »

Gum Care and Age: How to Navigate Oral Health Through the Years

For the month of September, we welcome National Gum Care Month, a timely reminder of the importance of maintaining healthy gums during every stage of life. Our gum health, like the four seasons, evolves with age, requiring varying degrees of care and attention. From childhood to adulthood and into the... Read more »