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Daniela A. Zambon, DDS, MS, PC


If periodontal pockets have formed between your gums and teeth, Dr. Daniela Zambon may recommend pocket irrigation in Mansfield, Texas. This advanced form of dental cleaning helps prevent the colonization of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

This treatment, which is also known as oral irrigation, can be performed during a professional dental cleaning at our office. You can also perform pocket irrigation at home with an oral irrigation tool. Pocket irrigation clears debris, food particles, and plaque from between the teeth. It also keeps the periodontal pockets clean and shallow. In addition, pocket irrigation helps prevent bad breath. Pocket irrigation can also help our periodontist deliver antimicrobials below the gum line to help rid your mouth of harmful bacteria.

Usually, pocket irrigation devices have a rounded tip to reduce the risk of damage to the tissue and to facilitate extensive cleaning. If you would like to perform pocket irrigation at home, you can use a water pick or a water jet. These tools may be less harmful to the soft tissues than floss. Pocket irrigation should never replace regular professional dental cleanings.

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