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Signs of oral cancer tend to be in the cheeks, lips, gums, throat, or neck, usually in the form of consistent sores, lumps, unusual tissue, or discoloration. If you see any of these signs, come visit Dr. Daniela Zambon and our dental professionals in Mansfield, Texas to have an evaluation done to investigate for signs of oral cancer.

An oral brush biopsy is typically the first test performed by your dentist to analyze for any abnormal cells. Your dentist simply uses a brush to scrape cells off the area and then observed. In cases where the tissues look very suspicious, a scalpel biopsy may be done instead.

To have a scalpel biopsy done, either your dentist or a recommended specialist performs the procedure. This process usually involves a numbing shot or local anesthesia in order to cut out suspicious-looking tissue. This is then tested for any indication of oral cancer to be stopped before it spreads or grows.

Destroying cancerous tissues involves surgery to remove any oral cancer growth. This is followed by radiation and/or chemotherapy to destroy remaining cancer cells.

Whether you have constant sore throats, strange sores, or even an odd feeling in the back of the throat, come to Daniela A. Zambon, DDS, MS, PC to receive an oral cancer screening exam to identify what is the exact issue. Call 817-453-7766 to set up an appointment today here in Mansfield, Texas.